C.I.R.S. & Health-related inspections

Home should be a safe haven from CONTAMINANTS & INFLAMMATION

CIRS & Health Related Inspections

We specialize in conducting inspections of indoor spaces for individuals with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and other health related issues which may be negatively impacted by the quality of your indoor air.

Our reports and laboratory data are easily interpreted and could allow a Healthcare Professional to better understand exposure patters and sources of contamination.

If you are concerned that your home or office may be making you sick, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We may be able to provide an honest, unbiased opinion in regards to the indoor air quality of your residence.


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(Includes site visit, inspection and unlimited virtual consultation with one of our MoldExperts: LA consultants)

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Beginning in 2017, MoldExperts: LA will be focusing on Indoor Air Quality and Mold issues throughout California.

When looking for an individual to evaluate your home or business for potential indoor mold growth, why not pick a Mold Inspector that also happens to be an Expert in Mold Assessment and Remediation.

We help others afford a healthy home. No person should live in an unhealthy living environment.

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