Dust - Dangers and Management

Dust - Dangers and Management

by: Loui Gonzalez

November 1, 2016

Dust accumulation in areas not readily accessible in the residence is such a common issue during Indoor Air Quality Inspections in Southern California. These areas not readily accessible can be behind and under appliances in the kitchen, furniture around the home and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Components.

These areas often contain particulates from work activities and other contaminants from past activities in the residence. During a recent inspection, our client was concerned with the composition of the dust present on surfaces not readily accessible. Due to recent health problems, our client had been experiencing health issues and recently been tested for mold and mycotoxins. Trichothecene, a mycotoxin associated with various mold species was found to be of concern by a medical professional our client had consulted.

A mycotoxin is a toxic, secondary metabolite produced by certain mold organisms. One mold species may produce many different mycotoxins, and the same mycotoxin may be produced by several species.

Dust accumulation can lead to the proliferation of certain molds and can be a reservoir for other harmful contaminants. A mycotoxin composite sample was collected from these areas to evaluate the dust composition and see if any mycotoxins were present on the dust.

The results of the composite mycotoxin sample detected levels of Trichothecene exponentially higher than the positive level threshold. The levels found in the residence will be used by our client’s medical professional to link the source of the mycotoxins to the exposure of our client.

An appropriate work plan and contractor can decontaminate the residence, creating an environment free of mycotoxins.

Dust, and the contaminats that it harbors, can pose a grave risk to building occupants. It is important to ensure these dust reservoirs are properly removed, specially after a mold-related issue. Proper sampling of the dust can also reveal the contaminants present, ensuring proper mitigation strategies ere implemented to minimize the risk the dust may pose to certain individuals.

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