Finding the Right Mold Remediation Company & Workplan

Finding the Right Mold Remediation Company & Workplan

by: Loui Gonzalez

Oct. 1 2016

On a recent Inspection in the Fresno, California area, our client was discussing the previous water intrusion and remediation history during the initial walk through of the residence. As we proceeded into the dining room, an area on the wall showed recent repairs. When I inquired into this area, she told me a general contractor from the area had recently repaired the area for mold.

Our client explained that the contractor had used no containment barriers to isolate the area, potentially releasing mold, mycotoxins, asbestos, lead and other hazardous particulates within the residence.

The contractor only removed the visible mold by using chemical means without removing the affected finishes and building components. Without physical removal of affected porous building components and finishes, mold spores and other contaminants can remain behind after the work has been completed and cause other issues for the building occupants.

To ensure that the staining would not come back, the contractor’s technique was to “Bleach and Paint” over any remaining staining on the wall and ceiling finishes. Treating water and mold staining with bleach or other over the counter cleaning products not specifically designed to eliminate mold spores can lead to the reemergence of mold on these surfaces. Chemical removal of mold does not ensure 100% removal of all mold spores. Only complete physical removal of all affected wall finishes and abrasive treatment of other building components ensures the complete removal of mold spores, mycotoxins and other harmful contaminants.

This is why it is important to always get an independent evaluation of any mold issues present within your property. Choosing the right contractor is always important, but having a Mold Inspection Report and laboratory data with recommendations from an independent 3rd party inspection company can help in the vetting process of mold contractors. MoldExperts: LA can deliver a professional report which can be used by homeowners and contractors alike to develop an ideal work plan.

If you have any questions about proper remediation strategies, please do not hesitate to contact me at or MoldExperts: LA today.

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