Solutions to Ventilation and Light in a Windowless Room

Joseph Bonilla - On-Site Consultant

April 6, 2017

Here at MoldExperts: LA we offer inspections and if you’ve scheduled an inspection with us we’ve given you some tips on how to improve indoor air quality. One quick tip that's always easy to follow and can improve your indoor air quality in most cases is to open the windows and let in fresh air of course we recommend evaluating your outdoor air conditions prior to opening.

But not all homes are the same, there are bathrooms and laundry rooms that do not have a window or ventilation fans. Without a window not only is there poor ventilation within the room, there is also the problem of not getting enough natural sunlight. Poor ventilation can lead to moisture build up on the walls, ceilings, and floors. If these areas are not dried properly over time, it can lead to mold or moisture damage. The solution for ventilation in a windowless room can be as simple as turning on the ventilation fan and making sure it's properly creating air flow. Another simple solution is opening the bathroom door.

But there is still a problem of no proper sunlight, opening the blinds or drapes from adjacent rooms will allow the sunlight to penetrate and be able to reach surfaces before you begin to see mold on walls inside your bathroom. For instance if you’re in a sealed dark room, and a door down the hall or around a corner was to open allowing sunlight and fresh air, you will see a lighting change in the room, and sooner or later the feel outdoor air. This small change can be the BIG difference in your indoor air quality.

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