What Is That Smell?

ME: LA Office Staff

April 5, 2017

A few years ago, I saw a commercial for an air freshener where some older ladies stop by to visit a friend. They walk in and say, “Oh fried fish last night dear? I thought George gave up cigars…” In other words, “Your house smells bad”. That commercial would have you believe the best thing to do would be to spray their air freshener and everything will be fine. If your house smells like last night’s dinner, there could be a simple fix like opening the windows and turning on a fan. But what about that smell you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how much you clean your house or no matter how long George quit smoking cigars in the house? Unfortunately, that smell could be mold.

Our lead mold expert, Loui, has been known to walk into a residence and instantly sense there is mold just by the smell. He then completes testing and he is 100% correct every time. Now not everybody has a super nose like Loui and mold is tricky, you can’t always see it or smell it.

Sometimes you adapt to the smells in your house so you may not notice but someone else might. You or another member of your family could even have physical symptoms from exposure to mold. Of course any time you or someone who lives in your home has physical symptoms, first see a doctor. Second, if you are suspicious of mold or just have no idea what is causing the smell in your house and want to be sure, call MoldExperts: LA. We will send a mold expert to your home for a free inspection. If the inspection reveals suspicions of mold, we can take samples ($99 each) and get a comprehensive report to you. This report will not only tell you what was found, but will give suggestions on what to do.

Why not put Loui to the test? If you have a suspicious smell in your home, call us at 424-256-6534 and ask for the Super Nose, also known as Loui. He will personally come out and smell your house!

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