When Mold Testing Stops...

When Mold Testing Stops...

by: Loui Gonzalez

February 20, 2017

It is so difficult to comprehend the sequence of events which culminated in MoldExperts: LA coming to a standstill on Monday, just as the week was beginning to take shape and be underway. After leaving a persona appointment in the city of La Habra, California, I was driving east on Whittier Blvd in a small suburb of Los Angeles when the forward carrying momentum ceased, stopping our Free Mold Inspections and discounted mold sampling operations in the process.

As the drive from La Habra to La Verne was starting, as I crossed an intersection, a vehicle turned left in front of me. Without any warning, all forward momentum stopped instantly with a sudden, loud pop. It dissolved just as quickly as it appeared into a path of debris and destruction. It was here when I can honestly say, all mold testing stopped in the LA Area. As the only non profit mold inspection and testing company in the Los Angeles County, all affordable testing options for tenants, homeowners and landlords alike came to a brief, albeit concerning, stop.

Many clients had to be rescheduled and some appointments had to be cancelled altogether in my calendar and others in my team as they proceeded to undertake many of the key responsibilities I am in charge of. I am grateful to have such a great team of Consultants and Staff in the office and out in the field. Many worked before and after their shifts to ensure all of our Client's needs were met. I am also grateful to have understanding clients. To all of those who allowed for their appointments to be rescheduled, I thank you personally.

Throughout the week, we slowly began a reintegration effort to get back on track. One of our vehicles will have to be replaced. Some of my duties have been relinquished until I am again physically fit to be able to do them. I am still conducting inspections, I am still fully committed to our mission of providing free mold inspections, mold sampling, indoor air quality consultation and helping people find a healthy home environment.

Your home is the most personal space, and we will always work hard to ensure it is also a healthy place. Our services were temporarily impaired, and my physical capabilities may not be the same for a while, but our mission to help those in need remains intact, even after the mold testing stops. Temporarily.

***UPDATE*** An earlier version of this post has an ambiguous departure location.

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