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MoldExperts: LA provides FREE in-home assessment to LA County Residents as well as low-cost comprehensive home inspections, mold & mycotoxin testing and other environmental sampling within the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego County.

Additionally, Home Inspections and Mycotoxin Testing for residences is available throughout California. CIRS Patients Only.

If you suspect a mold problem in your home or commercial space or business, take quick action!

The first step is to test your home or commercial space for any unsafe mold or bacteria contamination immediately.

Knowledge is the first step towards remediation.

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Mold Inspection Services & More

Our Mold Inspection service is highly customized for each client and location. The methodologies and processes are standardized, allowing for consistency in the quality of the inspection process while maximizing the areas evaluated to ensure a comprehensive inspection has been performed for each property.

MoldExperts: LA is also capable of testing building components for contaminants after a water loss, fire or remediation to evaluate if any affected surfaces are present.

With our professional environmental consulting and sampling services, we are able to test for bacteria, virus, smoke damage or heavy metal contamination at a relatively low cost.

Additionally, we are able to collect samples from drinking water sources, contents, building components and many other substrates with minimally invasive techniques.

Call us today to see how our Inspection services can be customized to get you the data you need for your property.

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Beginning in 2017, MoldExperts: LA became a Non-Profit Corporation focusing on Indoor Air Quality and Mold issues throughout California.

When looking for an individual to evaluate your home or business for potential indoor mold growth, why not pick a Non-Profit California Corporation?

Help others afford a healthy home. No person should live in an unhealthy living environment.

We take our profession seriously & we show it. We are a non-profit mold testing and environmental consulting enterprise helping individuals find healthy homes.

Do not allow your indoor air quality issue turn into a horror story you have heard so much about. Yes, in California, we have an epidemic of sick homes, but Do Not allow just any 'mold guy' into your residence. Hire an EXPERT today without paying thousands of dollars!

Do not allow someone to profit from your indoor air quality and mold issues. At MoldExperts: LA, we care about YOU, not the profit we can get from the mold in your home. When you hire MoldExperts: LA, you help those less fortunate also afford a healthy residence and positive outlook on their indoor air quality environments.

All of our professional experts arrives in corporate branded uniform, name-tag and equipment. Get an inspection for FREE today!

We are the best and only Non-Profit mold testing company in Los Angeles and throughout California. Period.

No t-shirts. Not in Jeans. Never thousands of dollars!

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